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Plan Description

We can help if you're...

  • Overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious
  • Feeling down, depressed, or lonely
  • Having negative thoughts
  • Struggling with a personal issue

Tele-Therapy+ provides peace of mind from the comfort of home with access to licensed therapists and counselors for a fraction of the cost of typical in-person visits.

  • Unlimited therapy appointments.
  • Unlimited doctor visits.
  • For you and your family.
  • $0 co-pay.

Therapy for all.

  • Establish an ongoing relationship with a licensed therapist through video or phone sessions

  • Get support for anxiety, depression, stress/PTSD, panic disorder, grief, family & marriage issues, and more

  • $0 first-time visit fee with a therapist or counselor, $0 for all follow up visits with any selected professional, and $0 for each visit with a therapist—not including a psychiatrist

  • The program is available to all family members in a single household, includes the member, spouse or partner, and dependent children from 13 to 26 years old - a maximum of 8 dependents.

  • This is not an emergency psychiatric service, all appointments are made a minimum of 48 to 72 hours in advance

  • Normal business hours are 7 am to 7 pm all local times Monday through Friday in the USA - Certain practitioners have later hours and Saturdays. 

  • This program does not include psychiatrists and psychologists and does not include prescriptions. If required, your certified therapist will make recommendations to these resources.  The cost for out-of-program services is not included in this program and are borne by the customer

  • For all who subscribe to the service by the 13th of each month their account is activated on the 15th of the month. For those who subscribe after the 13th and by the 25th, their account activates on the 1st of the month.

It's also really easy to use.

  • Choose the therapist who best fits your needs.

  • Schedule an appointment seven days a week.

  • Have a visit by phone or video from wherever you are.

  • Step 1:

    Register your account on their website.

  • Step 2:

    Download the app on your device.

  • Step 3:

    Request a session.

  • Step 4:

    A Patient Experience Agent will match you with the right therapist or counselor, and help you schedule your first session.

Unlimited Doctor Visits

Real healthcare. One-click away.

Set up your account, grab your device, see your doctor. You can chat by phone, video, or through the app. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
Now, you can skip the trip to urgent care and speak with a family doctor for conditions like the flu, sinus infections, stomachaches, and much more.
You can connect with a dermatologist and upload images of your issue to the app and get a treatment plan and prescription, if needed, for skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rashes.
You can speak with a doctor for conditions like the flu, pink eye, rashes, any time of the day or night.

TeleMental Wellness Plus, Includes:

Start LIVING 2.0 is a collection of 5 health + well-being programs that address the most important areas of your emotional life. Your relationships, stress + anxiety, child development issues, self-testing for PTSD and other Traumas, plus an award-winning mobile app to help with sober living.

We designed Start LIVING 2.0 to deliver truly affordable access to the mental health resources you need. From growing and healing your relationships to finally getting relief from social anxiety and more we've got you covered.

100% backed by research, 100% private, 100% at your own pace.

Relationship Health

Repair, grow + strengthen your marriage or committed relationship.

A relationship program designed for every relationship. We took the best parts from couples counseling, over 60 years of research from our world-renowned relationship experts, and the insights of other happy couples to deliver a program designed to grow and strengthen your relationship.

Relationship Health is different. We evaluate your needs, then we help you develop the skills and healthy behaviors that are scientifically proven to lead to long-lasting, satisfying relationships.

Our founding psychologist, Dr. Gary Krane Ph.D., along with our world-renowned team of advisors and technologists, spent the last 10 years researching and designing Relationship Health in order to bring you innovations that allow you to work on your relationship when you're ready and deliver real benefits:

  • Immediately begin reducing stress.
  • Totally private and confidential, from the comfort of home.
  • Available 24/7/365 for pennies a day, not $100-$200 an hour.
  • Over 300 ways to put fun and playback into your lives.
  • Learn how to resolve conflict and increase communication, and add more intimacy and romance to your relationship.
  • People with healthy core relationships have less long-term illness and live healthier, longer, happier lives.

    What do you and your partner need to be happy? We not only clarify those needs, but we help you meet them and then we teach you how to communicate them in a stress-free way.


    Learn how to replace criticism and blame with empathy-based listening and conflict resolution skills that will immediately improve your relationship.


    Based on the process of world-renowned couples counselors, our 5-step process is the path you'll follow to grow, repair, and strengthen your relationship one need at a time.

PTSD Recovery+

Each year, almost 20,000,000 people in the U.S. suffer from PTSD + other symptoms of Trauma but go undiagnosed - and untreated.

Did you know that 2/3 of people who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder have never been tested for PTSD?
That means that 2/3 of PTSD sufferers have no idea that the struggles they are experiencing are caused by PTSD - a highly treatable disorder. Untreated PTSD can cause permanent damage to the brain due to the person living in a hyper-aroused state.
That’s millions of people who are survivors of traumatic events who don’t understand and can’t cope with the resulting depression, flashbacks, nightmares, severe anxiety, uncontrollable intrusive thoughts, and emotional numbing after the event.
The problem is obvious: we need wider access to PTSD testing.


  • First Responders
  • Veterans
  • Survivors of Terrorist Attacks & Mass Shootings
  • Hospital Workers
  • Construction Workers
  • Social Workers
  • Prison System Employees
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Assault Victims
  • Health Traumas
  • Accidents
  • and more...

That’s why we created PTSD Recovery+ because everyone deserves the tools to start their recovery. PTSD Recovery+ is a ground-breaking self-administered test that can identify several types of PTSD-as well as other increased health risks that impact PTSD sufferers, like heart disease, hypertension, and obesity, not to mention other psychological disorders.

The assessment only takes about 10 minutes. Then, you get our report with your results immediately. We show your probability range for PTSD, plus, we identify other health risks along with recommended courses of action.

If your probability is high, you need to see a professional immediately. We also offer other resources so you can understand your trauma, and begin to untangle the learned behaviors and coping mechanisms you may have picked up along the way.

100% private, accurate, and always available.

For a better tomorrow, get PTSD Recovery+.

Social Anxiety Relief

A mobile game that teaches how to reduce stress + anxiety.

Social Anxiety Relief will teach you the essential psychological skills you need to be able to level up in the game - and in life, too. Once you’ve mastered a skill set, you will embark on a choose-your-own adventure game, where each level is a different genre. Whether it's sci-fi, a love story, or sword and sorcery, you will be challenged to use your skills to level up.

The skills and storylines are empirically based on current psychological research using psycho-education, gamification, and AI to take you on an adventure that supersedes the game. You will find yourself equipped with emotional and psychological skills that will get you ahead in all your relationships - be it work, with your family, or in your own love story.

Social Anxiety Relief will be part of a psychological RCT (Random Control Trial) to verify our claims that Social Anxiety Relief makes your life better - don’t trust us, trust the science! Social Anxiety Relief is a product of PsycApps Limited.

Child Development+

The most accurate source for parents to take control of their child's health + wellbeing.

Whole-istic integrated family health + wellness at your fingertips.
Our nurturing ecosystem.
Ages + stages.
  • Secure

    Cloud-based Electronic Health Records
    Advanced data analytics for clinical decision support

  • Smart

    Online screening tools for timely detection and intervention
    Customized multi-provider assessment forms
    Remote monitoring

  • Efficient

    Centralized tools, records & resources for coordinated care
    Subscription and Enterprise business models

A one-hub virtual health solution.
Available 24/7 on any connected device.

Smart Sober Living

A complete 28 day + 1-year recovery support program for Opioid, drug & alcohol addiction.

Freedom from Addiction, in the palm of your hand.
Addiction recovery meets Technology

Smart Sober Living is the world's first interactive, Virtual Recovery System providing 365-days of addiction support and recovery strategy - no matter where you are, on any device

A simple solution that integrates proven recovery methods to help you, your loved ones, your employees, your students, or your patients.
How it works.

This amazing program is your roadmap to abundance and success in life and recovery.
People with substance use issues are some of the most resourceful and capable people on the planet. Smart Sober Living aims to redirect self-destructive behaviors and refocus that energy on life-improving behaviors. When your life is firing on all cylinders, it’s easy to leave the pain and misery substance use brings in the past.
The Smart Sober Living Virtual Recovery System loads your recovery tool chest with everything you need to succeed, both in life and in your quest to leave substance use behind.
By simply following this system, we promise a rewarding journey that will lead to greater fulfillment in all areas of your life.

Key features
  • First of its kind, 365-day Virtual Recovery System
  • State-of-the-art, 28-day interactive Kick-Starter program
  • 500+ Daily Video and Interactive Video Library
  • Web-based application works on laptops, tablets, & smartphones
  • Integrated Meeting Manager and Locator
  • Design and Implementation of “Personal Action Plan”
  • Personalized “Support System” Integration
  • Customizable “Gratitude Library”
  • Interactive Goal Accomplishment System
  • Anti-Relapse “Empowerment” Tool Suite
  • Track Your Success with custom “Progress Tracker”
  • Offers the exclusive Full Recovery Relapse Prevention System, featuring bestselling addiction recovery author, Brian McAlister, as your personal recovery guide

How does Tele-Therapy work?

Open your Elevate Wellness WELCOME email and click to Activate Your Account or log in to your existing LIVING 2.0 Essentials account.  Once your account is set up, you can download the mobile app (powered by First Stop Health), login, and request a therapy session. You will be contacted by a Patient Experience Agent. In 10 minutes they'll ask you some questions so they can better understand your needs and pair you with the perfect therapist or counselor. 

How can Tele-Therapy’s online therapy help?

Our licensed network of over 30,000 mental health professionals crossed the 50 states can help you with the most common behavioral health concerns, including anxiety, depression, grief, family issues, and more. 


When is online therapy sessions available?

Appointments with a licensed counselor are available with a mental health professional Monday through Friday from 7 am to 7 pm at all local times. You can schedule a therapy appointment seven days a week from the First Stop Health Moblie app, from their website, or by calling their 800 number. 


How much does a therapy session cost?

With our program, your initial visit is $0 co-pay per season and ongoing visits are $0 co-pay per session. Visits with certified counselors and therapists are $0 co-pay per session. Visits with psychiatrists or psychologists are not included in this program. 


Who is eligible to use the Tele-Therapy service?

The program is available to the subscribing member, their spouse, and their children from 13 to 26 years old - up to a total of 8 dependents. 


Can my therapist prescribe me medication?

This program does not include psychiatrists and psychologists and does not include prescriptions. If required, your certified therapist will make recommendations to these resources. The cost for this out-of-program service is not included in this program and is fully paid by the customer. 

When does my account get activated?

For all who subscribe to the Service by the 13th of each month, their account is activated on the 15th of the month. For those who subscribe after the 13th and by the 25th, their account activates on the 1st of the mont


Disclaimers: Behavioral Health visits are not available 24/7/365. Behavioral Health visits will be scheduled. Behavior Health visits are not available to minors. All Behavioral Health specialists may not be available in all states.

How much do Tele-Med services cost?

Services may vary based on health plan or employer. Set up your account to see which services are available to you and how much they cost.


Can Tele-Med share results of a visit with my primary care physician?

Yes. With your consent, we can share any of your Teladoc visit results with your primary care physician, instantly.

Questions? Call 914-428-6400 We're standing by to help you make the best decision. If you are having technical difficulties or issues, please submit your issues here.