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Plan Description

All you need to do is register on our website, upload your medical bill and execute a HIPAA release form allowing us to speak to your provider about your medical bill. All of your data is protected following industry standard security measures.

Our negotiators will aggressively negotiate a discount on the patient account balance and eliminate the risk of any balance billing from your provider or additional collection efforts. With over 12 years of experience negotiating medical bills on behalf of Health Plans, Third Party Administrators, large corporations and unions, CMBS can typically achieve savings anywhere from 25-45% off your medical bill.

Once we have obtained a settlement, we will contact you for approval and scheduled payment for provider.

Our fee is 20% of the amount we save you off of the total patient responsibility. The whole process typically takes 3-7 business days.

Enrollment Deadline
18th of the month prior to effective.

What separates us from the rest?

Our team of negotiators have years of experience negotiating settlements with healthcare providers. Our negotiators are code certified and understand how to communicate with your physician to obtain a reasonable reimbursement.

Every negotiation is different, so we are able to work out a settlement that fits all budgets whether it be one lump sum payment or a fixed monthly payment over 6 � 24 months.

Our Process
Every bill is analyzed using our proprietary bill review software to compare what your provider is charging you to several benchmarks. These benchmarks include Medicare reimbursement, billing code edits, Usual and Customary reimbursements as well as the average of what providers are charging within a specific geographic region for a specific treatment or service.

Risk Free
There is no risk to you to allow us to try to negotiate your bill. If there is a situation where we are unable to successfully negotiate your bill, then there is no charge to you.

We can typically settle your bill within 3-7 business days, contingent on the responsiveness of your provider.

So if you are ready to START SAVING NOW, then submit your claim today.

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